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Kit fot detection of POTYVIRUS

Kit fot detection of POTYVIRUS

CSIC and another participant have developed a method for the detection and quantification of all species of the viral genus Potyvirus present in plant samples. The different species of the genus Potyvirus cause losses of up to 90% of production in crops of high economic interest, such as potato, maize or sugar cane. With system it is possible to determine if in the samples coming from a culture there is presence of one of the 148 known species of the genus Potyvirus or of some unknown variant of the virus. This detection kit allows the identification of the presence of all the species belonging to this genus. With the methods available today, we may have false negatives in the tests. Using this new kit we can avoid the possible losses that it causes in the cultures where a correct detection is not made.


The technology for producing the compound with antibacterial activity is protected by patent.

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