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Comité Tech Transfer. Webinar: TESTIMONIALS “De la investigación al emprendimiento”

Destinado: Comunidad investigadora. El contexto actual derivado de la situación pandémica obliga, más si cabe, a aunar esfuerzos para avanzar en la sociedad y la economía del conocimiento. El...

Premiadas dos tecnologías del Banco de Patentes, se presentarán en Bio Boston

Dos tecnologías del Banco de Patentes, Sistema de Sellado Epidural y Antisense RNA-therapeutics in Myotonic Dystrophy, entre las ganadoras del Programa de Aceleración Comercial Internacional FIPSE...

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High Performance Screening Platform

High Performance Screening Platform

Since 2005, the CIPF has been developing multiple actions and initiatives aimed at the development of Innovative and Precision Medicines, through the Screening Platform as well as through the Therapeutic Polymers, Peptides and Proteins, and Organic Molecules laboratories, among others.
The discovery and development of a new drug focuses on understanding the biology of the disease, to identify a new therapeutic target ('Target Identification') and validating it ('Target Validation'). Once the target is identified and validated, a series of assays (enzymatic or cellular) are developed to determine its pharmacological activity.
For this purpose, high throughput screening is a process that combines robotics and data processing to quickly identify the compounds, antibodies or genes that modulate a specific molecular pathway. A large number of possible drugs can be analyzed. Once a drug candidate has been identified ('Lead'), scientists try to optimise its capacity to combat the disease by modifying its structure using different medical chemistry techniques ('Lead Optimization').
On the other hand, the development of "omic" technologies has significantly increased the knowledge of the molecular mechanisms responsible for a large number of diseases. Showing the significant heterogeneity between the molecular mechanisms responsible for the same disease between different individuals.
This new scenario has opened the door to the development of a huge number of individualized treatments for each patient and forces the scientific community to make to search for what is now called "personalized medicine".
The mission of the Screening Platform for chemical compounds libraries (chemo libraries) is to carry out the evaluation of the biological/pharmacological activity of the compounds in order to identify and characterize new bioactive molecules. Moreover, it specializes in the identification of compounds modulating protein-protein and protein-RNA interactions, which are key in numerous human pathologies, and in the development of stem cell assays, both adult and embryonic.
This technology can be applied in research entities, pharmaceutical or biotechnological companies or hospitals.
The strengths of the Platform are its high technology, specialisation, experience and scientific excellence of the platform staff and participation in European projects. In addition, the Platform presents a transversality within the infrastructure and technological services of the CIPF


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