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Back FIBTRAY- Cellulosic tray to reduce plastics in food packaging

FIBTRAY- Cellulosic tray to reduce plastics in food packaging

FIBTRAY- Cellulosic tray to reduce plastics in food packaging

The present patent relates to a cellulosic complex formed particularly from stacked flat sheets comprising folding flaps and allowing the formation of the package in a single run during the manufacturing stage.


The patent provides a method for obtaining the complex, a method for manufacturing a package, and a method for packaging an item, preferably for containing food products.


Inherent advantages associated with the use of packages of a cellulosic origin are: reduction the use of plastics, easy to print, greater recycling ease and come from natural sources.


The innovation can provide different business application sectors with various advantages such as:


  • Producers and/or distributors of packaged food (fruits and vegetables, baby food, ready-to-eat meals, and meat and dairy products, among others) will have access to a more sustainable package that will help them meet competitive standards in product quality, and which is also affordable and tailored to their new green business model.

  • Manufacturers of packaging machinery will benefit from integrating a new eco-design to reduce the use of plastics in food packaging,

  • Manufacturers of packaging and packaging materials will be able to exploit a new business line that will provide a potential value for the market.


The invention is protected under the following requested patent which is property of AINIA:
AINIA, Paterna, Valencia, ES. Complejo de láminas planas, método para la obtención de dicho complejo,
método para la fabricación de un envase y método para envasar un objeto. ENGUIX NICOLAS, Carlos.
Miguel. SUBIRATS HUERTA, Sebastián. ES, Int Cl.: B65D 5/32, B65D 5/56, B31B 50/44, B29C 43/20, B29C
51/16, no. ES 2 697 705, request. 201730989.
Advanced Manufacturing Processes: Capital goods

Carlos Enguix Nicolás