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Selective Laser Melting.

Selective Laser Melting.
This technique involves the deposition of a thin layer of dust on a working platform, which is fused with a laser following the specific coordinates derived from the model to be produced. The operation is repeated sequentially for a number of times equal to the number of layers in which the computer designed 3D model is divided.
Selective laser fusion is an additive manufacturing process where, as with all powder bed fusion processes, three-dimensional metal parts are created by the fusion of fine metallic powders together. In the case of SLM, energy is provided by a high power laser beam, usually ytterbium. The process is carried out within a chamber containing a strongly controlled atmosphere of inert gas. The laser energy is powerful enough to allow complete fusion (welding) of the particles to form the solid metal.
Each machine developer has its own rights. SLM Solutions Gmbh for machinery and materials


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