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Catheter for hydrocephalus treatment

Catheter for hydrocephalus treatment

A brand new catheter design has been developed for treating hydrocephalus, a condition that requires to drain excess cerebrospinal fluid in the brain by means of a cannula or a catheter that is implanted in one of the ventricular cavities of the encephalon. The system incorporates a peritoneal catheter for removing said liquid.

The main characteristic of this new device is that there are a variable number of orifices in the drainage rings. This allows the fluid to pass through the catheter evenly while at the same time minimizes the chances of orifices getting blocked, and it also boosts flux redistribution in the event of an obstruction. All these features result in a longer useful life of the invention.


Patent request issued at the Spanish Patents and Trade Marks Office on 6 March 2014.

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