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Back Inspection system for food packaging sealing defects based on thermographic imaging

Inspection system for food packaging sealing defects based on thermographic imaging

Inspection system for food packaging sealing defects based on thermographic imaging




             A thermosealed packaging inspection system based on thermographic imaging has been developed. It is a solution which is portable and adaptable to the specific requirements of different production lines.


The system captures thermal information of every package and determines whether they have been properly sealed. In order to do this, it registers spatial information obtained from photonic sensors in the infrared (IR) spectrum. Then, it processes the thermal images to assess packages' integrity based on the continuity of their welding.


The innovation can provide different business application sectors with various advantages such as:


  • Producers and/or distributors of packaged food (fruits and vegetables, baby food, ready-to-eat meals, and meat and dairy products, among others) will have access to an inspection technology that will help them meet competitive standards in product quality, and which is also affordable and tailored to their business model.

  • Manufacturers of packaging machinery will benefit from integrating a technology to control materials and packaging integrity, of which they lack at present.

  • Manufacturers of packaging and packaging materials will be able to exploit a technology that will provide a potential value for the market.


The invention is protected under the following patent which is property of AINIA:

AINIA, Paterna, Valencia, ES. Method and system for detecting defects in plastic containers. DÍAZ PUJOL,
HUERTA, Sebastián. ES, Int Cl.: G01N 33/44, G06T 7/00, G01N 25/72, no. 15382421.4. 08.02.2017 Bulletin


Quality of Life: Agri-Food, Cosmetics and Household Products

Ricardo Díaz Pujol