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Comité Tech Transfer. Webinar: TESTIMONIALS “De la investigación al emprendimiento”

Destinado: Comunidad investigadora. El contexto actual derivado de la situación pandémica obliga, más si cabe, a aunar esfuerzos para avanzar en la sociedad y la economía del conocimiento. El...

Premiadas dos tecnologías del Banco de Patentes, se presentarán en Bio Boston

Dos tecnologías del Banco de Patentes, Sistema de Sellado Epidural y Antisense RNA-therapeutics in Myotonic Dystrophy, entre las ganadoras del Programa de Aceleración Comercial Internacional FIPSE...

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Back CRISPR/Cas technology generated animal model platform for Precision Medicine applications

CRISPR/Cas technology generated animal model platform for Precision Medicine applications

CRISPR/Cas technology generated animal model platform for Precision Medicine applications

The Animal Models platform is a new and growing experimental platform with applications both in the clinical field and in the research and development of new therapies, as well as a clear commitment to the development of precision medicine.
The advance of biomedical sciences and the development of new diagnostic methods and therapies that are increasingly effective and safe require in-depth knowledge of the physiological and molecular mechanisms underlying the appearance of diseases and the factors that cause them. Some of the knowledge can be obtained from experimental systems in vitro or in cell cultures, but in many situations, the use of animal models is essential. Although there are non-vertebrate animal models that reproduce some simple pathologies or aspects of more complex pathologies; the in-depth study of the mechanisms of human pathologies requires models recreated in mammals (usually a rodent). To this end, it is essential to introduce a series of modifications obtained through the combination of genetic engineering, embryology and assisted reproduction techniques.
There are many tools with very different methodological approaches, but it has undoubtedly been the last one to appear, genetic editing through the CRISPR/Cas system ('Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats/CRISPR-associated proteins'), which is opening the doors to the conception and generation of new models with more precise genetic alterations.
This technology allows introducing very precise genetic modifications or adding them to already mutant mouse lines, reducing the time needed for their generation by other conventional methods.
This technology can be applied in research entities, pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies, biotechnology companies or hospitals.
The strengths of the Platform are its infrastructure, technology, experience and scientific excellence of the personnel that integrate it.


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