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Comité Tech Transfer. Webinar: TESTIMONIALS “De la investigación al emprendimiento”

Destinado: Comunidad investigadora. El contexto actual derivado de la situación pandémica obliga, más si cabe, a aunar esfuerzos para avanzar en la sociedad y la economía del conocimiento. El...

Premiadas dos tecnologías del Banco de Patentes, se presentarán en Bio Boston

Dos tecnologías del Banco de Patentes, Sistema de Sellado Epidural y Antisense RNA-therapeutics in Myotonic Dystrophy, entre las ganadoras del Programa de Aceleración Comercial Internacional FIPSE...

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Bimetallic Pseudopeptide Complexes and Their Use as Catalysts and in CO2 Activation and Conversion

The Supramolecular and Sustainable Chemistry Group of the Department of Inorganic and Organic Chemistry of the Universitat Jaume I, inspired by nature, where plants are able to capture energy from sunlight and convert CO2 into chemical energy and organic matter, has developed a catalyst that can transform CO2 into high value-added chemicals, especially cyclic carbonates, which are important industrial chemicals that have various applications in environmentally friendly solvents, lithium-ion batteries, paints and coatings, resins, precursors for polymeric materials and polymer processing in fine chemistry.


This invention is protected by means of an application for a Spanish patent with reference number P202230050 and filing date 21-01-2022.

Advanced Manufacturing Processes: Capital goods


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