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Comité Tech Transfer. Webinar: TESTIMONIALS “De la investigación al emprendimiento”

Destinado: Comunidad investigadora. El contexto actual derivado de la situación pandémica obliga, más si cabe, a aunar esfuerzos para avanzar en la sociedad y la economía del conocimiento. El...

Premiadas dos tecnologías del Banco de Patentes, se presentarán en Bio Boston

Dos tecnologías del Banco de Patentes, Sistema de Sellado Epidural y Antisense RNA-therapeutics in Myotonic Dystrophy, entre las ganadoras del Programa de Aceleración Comercial Internacional FIPSE...

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The CIRCULATOOL CERTIFICATION SYSTEM mark, awarded by AIDIMME, is a distinctive mark registered at European level for companies in the metal-mechanical and furniture sector, which guarantees that these companies have self-assessed their degree of circularity, and that this self-assessment has been verified by AIDIMME.

With the CIRCULATOOL CERTIFICATION SYSTEM certificate, AIDIMME pursues the following main objectives:

1. To identify with this certificate the level of circularity of all those companies that, after having self-assessed using the Circulariza tool (designed by AIDIMME), request a third party review by means of an audit.

2. To disseminate and raise awareness about the concept of Circular Economy, its advantages and methods of implementation in industry (with emphasis on the metal-mechanical and furniture sector).

3. To promote the implementation of actions focused on the improvement of the circularity of the metal-mechanic and furniture sector; such as, for example, eco-design or servitisation.

This mark is the exclusive property of AIDIMME Instituto Tecnológico Metalmecánico, Mueble, Madera, Embalaje y Afines, whose headquarters are located at C/ Benjamín Franklin 13 (Technological Park), 46980 PATERNA, València.

The CIRCULATOOL CERTIFICATION SYSTEM mark is awarded to companies that evaluate their level of circularity through the CIRCULARIZA tool and that have been subsequently audited by the team appointed for this purpose by AIDIMME.


Registered 15/01/2022 No 018545132

Advanced Manufacturing Processes: Capital goods


Process Management and Sustainability Department